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Adonis Hotel, Metsovo


Metsovo (homeland of many prominent men - many national benefactors have their origins here) is located in a height of 1.150 m. onto Pindos mountain range and is at a distance of 40 Km from Ioannina and 95 km. from Trikala. The last few years Metsovo has a rapid development as more visitors prefer Metsovo for their vacation throughout the year.

Its traditional houses that are built using wood and stone, its picturesque streets, the stoned founts with the fresh water, the pure and traditional products, the customs and traditions of the habitants, the ski resorts, the variety of the delicious plates, the cafes, bars, clubs and many other sights that you can visit, all these things make this place ideal for rest, but also and entertainment.

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How will you get to Metsovo

How will you get to Metsovo by car

  1. - Athens - Metsovo (through Trikala): Distance: 370 km. - Time: 4 hours and 15 minutes more or less - Route: National Road Athens - Lamia, Domokos, Karditsa, Trikala, Kalabaka, Panagia, Metsovo (Panagia - Metsovo Egnatia Road time 8 minutes)
    - Athens - Metsovo (through Ioannina): Distance: 450 km. - Time: 5 hours and 20 minutes more or less - Route: National Road Athens - Korinthos, Rio - Antirio, Ioannina, Metsovo (Ioannina - Metsovo Egnatia Road time 20 minutes)
    - Thessaloniki - Metsovo (Egnatia Road Veroia - Grevena - Metsovo): Distance: 150 km. - Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes.
    - Ioannina - Metsovo: Egnatia Road Distance: 35 km. - Time: 20 minutes
    - Trikala - Metsovo: Distance: 60 km. - Time: 1 hour Trikala, Kalabaka, Panagia, Metsovo (Panagia - Metsovo Egnatia Road time 8 minutes)
    - Metsovo - Meteora, Kalabaka 35 minutes (Metsovo - Panagia, Egnatia Road 10 minutes - Panagia - Meteora, Kalabaka 25 minutes)
    - Metsovo - Grevena (Egnatia Road, 20 minutes)
    - Metsovo - Igoumenitsa (Egnatia Road 50 minutes)
    - Metsovo - Parga, Syvota 1 hour
    - Metsovo - Kastoria 1 hour and 15 minutes

By bus routes

  1. - Athens - Trikala with transfer to Metsovo, tel. of Bus Station of Trikala +30 24310-73131
    - Athens - Ioannina with transfer to Metsovo, tel. of Bus Station of Ioannina +30 26510-26286
    - Athens - Metsovo direct (only in summery months), tel. of Bus Station for information +30 210-5129363

How will you get to Metsovo by plane

There are flights from Athens to Ioannina. Tel. of the airport in Ioannina: +30 26510-26218, 26518. Tel. of Olympic Airways, Ioannina branch: +30 26510-39131

Hotel Adonis

Hotel Adonis is located in the picturesque and traditional Metsovo, in the best position because you will find us at a distance of 50m. from the central square in a peaceful location and with a panoramic view to Pindus Mount, park of Agios Georgios, the castle and ski resort caracoli - ski lift.

Hotel is a new - built traditional building, which has been created according to architectural tradition of Metsovo aiming to offer you comfortable - tranquil and an unforgettable accommodation in wonderful Metsovo.

Hotel operates since 1992, and from back then renovations and improvements have taken place. Most important of them are those in 2008 - 2010 and 2011, which aim to improve the offered facilities and services. However, our try doesn't stop at this point.

Please see more in pages: "The business" and "The stay".


Metsovo, Ioannina (Greece)
Tel. +30 26560.42300, +30 26560.42710
Fax +30 26560.42298